Underwater works

Diving and service company DTS is all-round employable in underwater works. The list below is not a fully complete one, but it gives an indication of DTS’s expertise:

  • Concrete construction works, welding and burning work on locks/sluices, pumping stations, quays;
  • Welding and burning work on sheet piles, piers, slackening structures;
  • Ship ramps, docks, foundations and ship maintenance;
  • Earth moving, small-scale dredging, placing pumps;
  • High pressure cleaning of cooling water systems, mattress frame, constructions;
  • Cleaning locks/sluices, pumping stations, quays, sheet piles, piers, slackening structures;
  • Release of waterways;
  • Replace underwater anodes;
  • Installation of structures;
  • Applying underwater coatings;
  • Processing and injecting epoxy and cement mortars;
  • Lock repair, replacement of supporting frames;
  • Lock sill repair, bypass channels and sluice gates;
  • Foundation repair;
  • Foundation repair and ships;
  • Installation work;
  • Sewerage work.

Finished projects